• Category :Web Design & Marketing Strategy
  • Date :July, 2019
  • Client :Urban Garden, residential & commercial complex. Urban Garden's owners approached our agency with a desire to make a complete marketing strategy on how the brand/complex would be represented. The solution consisted designing a website and developing a brand marketing strategy intertwined with the brand's mission and vision.

Step 01

Web design

Knowing the power and the continuous 24/7 promotion the website provides, we suggested a dedicated website for the complex itself, containing every detail involved in the construction, the plan behind that and also the goal, which was to make urban living available.

Step 02

Marketing Strategy

Every brand must find a unique way to communicate with the clients, but in the same time the brand must not be a sales pitch. That was our goal with the marketing strategy for Urban Garden and the brand’s ‘language’ and ‘ton of voice’. The marketing strategy reflects on every field of the brand and it works on the goal to increase the revenue.

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