Digital marketing & digital presence.

We live in a digital world that is constantly evolving. With the growth and evolution of the modern technology, companies around the world are in sync with that evolution in order to improve the brand’s growth. Does your business use the power of the digital world to achieve the growth it deserves?


1. Researsch

In the first phase, we make a thorough research of what your brand offers, how can be improved and most importantly, how can we, with you together, help you achieve all that.

2. Strategy

After our research is finished, we will provide a strategic plan consisting of all the key elements of your brand, referring to your brand’s future activities. The goals is to define the positioning of your brand and to be one step ahead of the competition. Following the strategy will result with an inevitable growth in the brand and sales in general.

3. Media Plan

Sharing on every digital channel should not be done without a precise plan. With the creation of the media plan we define the frequency of post sharing, what digital channels are a prirority, and most importantly, what post will be organic and what post will be advertised.

4. Design

As much as people care how they dress, they should care equally on how their business looks online. The profesionalism is in a unifed design & look that wiill reflect on every digital channel in order your clients to get to the information the easy way. 

  • Static banners
  • Animated GIF banners
  • Animated HTML banners
  • Video animation
  • Design of interior web pages
  • Newsletter
  • Digital Catalogs

5. Advertising

The power of the digital channels is limitless. Staggering 3.3. billion people are active on some kind of social media channel. 82% of the people are using their smartphones to make the most important decisions in their life when it comes to buying decisions. 

The goal is not for the brand just to be present on social media. The goal is to achieve a strategic way of communication and to advertise for higher expectations. 


  • The user spends more than 40 minutes daily just scrolling on the platform
  • Up until 2019, there are more than 60 million business pages created
  • More than 1.39 billion monthly active users

the power of instagram

  • More than 25 million companies around the world use Instagram for their businesses
  • The user spends more than 28 minutes daily scrolling on the platform
  • 500 million users daily are using Instagram Stories

the power of google

  • Google can make your business appear first in Search, always
  • It has more than 3 billion searches daily
  • 60% of the searches are from smartphone users
  • More than 54% of the population are searching products on Google

6. Reporting

Every end of the month, we squeeze all the analytics from the campaigns, shaking them up and serving them in a Monthly Report. These insights can help you develop your business further.

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